Christie Herring Films
Main StreetManette

Bodies and Souls

TRT 16:26 min.

"When the body is falling apart, itís hard to pay attention to what your soul is telling you."
-Sister Manette Durand

Bodies and Souls illumines the quiet efforts of Sister Manette, a white Catholic nun running the only health clinic in rural Jonestown, Mississippi. The residents of Jonestown, a largely African-American town in the heart of the Delta, embody a common condition faced by low-income rural Americans, struggling to obtain the basic medical care they need. Nearly every family here is touched by both diabetes and heart disease. Yet many lack the resources to see a doctor more than once or twice in their entire lives.

The film follows Sister Manette through her daily challenge of providing the only health care services this underserved community has seen the last fifteen years. Despite extremely limited resources, Sister Manette forges ahead by keeping a refreshingly practical approach to faith, race, and poverty. Through intimate observational scenes of her with her patients, Bodies and Souls profiles Sister Manette's humble labors "to help save bodies, so that the souls can come alive."

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